Monday, May 21, 2012

Epic Fail Series: Gossip Girl's Jenny

I'm baaaaaaaaack! It's time to bring out my series I started over a year ago. I came across a couple pictures...and was like oh lets do this.

I used to be a Gossip Girl fan. The show used to be really good. USED TO BE. Lets be honest its teen crap. Just kill Serena already. Anywhoooo, I'm off topic. Remember sweet little Jenny? She was adorable, look below. Then look further....scary! Well she quit the show awhile back to play in a band. Which is fine cause I couldn't look at her raccoon eyes anymore. Didn't that fad die years ago? 

Taylor Momsen's makeup is something I can't stand to look at. He raccoon eyes over the years have gotten worse. She starting moving into the Gothic scene, which is good for her. I enjoy goth too...but no need to look like a hooker girl!

Looking like a vampire

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Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.