Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brazil Series: Pride Parade Rainbow Makeup

I'm finally back from Brazil! What an amazing trip!!!! First time out of the country for me and my oh my what a different world. The first weekend I was in Sao Paulo I went to their Gay Pride Parade. Talk about insane...3 million people! I tapped into my eccentric side and pulled out my green wig and matte rainbow makeup. Below is only the video I made from the parade.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Brazilian Exorcism

This is not makeup related at all. We were chillin' out the other night
and on TV this woman was being exorcised by this church. 
(all in Portuguese of course!) my friend decided to film it. And 
I couldn't help but make a video of it. I LOVE iMOVIE!

On another note, a very sad note...
my camera broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so upset about it! 
Mostly because I DO NOT have the money to get another one.
UGH! If anyone knows anyone selling a digital camera please 
lemme know. THANKS!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Brazil Series: Brasil um jogo aka Brazil Game 1

I played a little soccer growing up. Mostly because it gave me a chance to kick boys. I never got into watching it professionally. But being in Brazil as they're playing in the World Cup was something I wasn't going to miss. Even if it turned out to be boring. It was anything but. We went to this little hole in the wall where they sell beer and fried food. 90% of the crowd were all friends and spoke LITTLE english. I started getting into the game as this women, who was prolly in her early 50's, started making conversation with me. Me---who speaks no Portuguese was like "uuuuhhhh" This lady spoke a little english and was delighted we were there to watch the game and even more that I was supporting Brazil. After looking at these fans I knew I would never support the opposing team. I mean I didnt have a death wish after all! It was quite an experience watching as the whole city of Sao Paulo was closing to watch this game. Businesses and schools were closing as everyone gathered in the streets to party. Everyone at this little hole in the wall were friendly like I haven't seen back home. Dancing, cheering and talking with us the whole game. People in this country may be poor, but they really do know how to enjoy life. CHEERS TO THEM!

Birthday Series: Birthday Cake Makeup

I had this thought about doing a new series. Birthdays always have so much going on...excitement, gifts and outtings. So I thought COLOR! I did this first look so fast I didn't make a tutorial. But my next one will have a tutorial. This look was inspired by this hello kitty cake I found. Blues, greens, oranges, yellows and pinks. Also shout out because it got kicked off for one of my best friends 22nd birthday last month. ENJOY!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to Apply False Lashes

This was supposed to be up weeks ago. I'm very bad I know. Late is better than never, right? Month of May was a blur, I'll confess. But I'm aiming to be better :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Iron Man 2 Makeup

I am a big fan of comic book movies. And even a bigger fan and getting inspired by the colors and doing makeup from that. I don't really use reds, if I do, its usually on my lips. But red, orange, gold works. It's very dramatic, but you guys know me...I wore it to class and work! :P

I can't remember what I used since I didn't write it down :(


I have a few posts I'm working on. But the internet here hates me. Seriously! So trying to move pictures and videos from my laptop to my friends computer has been taking forever with multiple errors. But I'm slowly getting things to work. Emphasis on SLOWLY.

What's coming up:

Iron Man 2 inspired makeup

Sao Paulo's Gay Pride Parade makeup

How to Apply False Lashes Tutorial

Birthday Series, 1st video

Makeup from Brazil Haul

Saturday, June 5, 2010


hey everyone! I made it to Sao Paulo, Brazil in one piece yesterday. 4 hour delay from Miami on thursday night was aggravating. The flight turned into a red eye flight. It's all A-OK cause I'm spending time with one of my favorite people here! Shout out to you, K. Today is day two of my 3 week adventure. I spent mostly yesterday sleeping and dealing with jet lag. Let me tell you, its a bitch. First time international traveler here, in case you didn't know. This morning I was having a cigarette and looked out at the view of other buildings, and decided that would be my first inspired look from here.