Friday, June 18, 2010

Brazil Series: Brasil um jogo aka Brazil Game 1

I played a little soccer growing up. Mostly because it gave me a chance to kick boys. I never got into watching it professionally. But being in Brazil as they're playing in the World Cup was something I wasn't going to miss. Even if it turned out to be boring. It was anything but. We went to this little hole in the wall where they sell beer and fried food. 90% of the crowd were all friends and spoke LITTLE english. I started getting into the game as this women, who was prolly in her early 50's, started making conversation with me. Me---who speaks no Portuguese was like "uuuuhhhh" This lady spoke a little english and was delighted we were there to watch the game and even more that I was supporting Brazil. After looking at these fans I knew I would never support the opposing team. I mean I didnt have a death wish after all! It was quite an experience watching as the whole city of Sao Paulo was closing to watch this game. Businesses and schools were closing as everyone gathered in the streets to party. Everyone at this little hole in the wall were friendly like I haven't seen back home. Dancing, cheering and talking with us the whole game. People in this country may be poor, but they really do know how to enjoy life. CHEERS TO THEM!

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