Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NOTD: China Glaze in Merry Berry

Merry Berry - is part of the 2012 holiday line. I've had this one for awhile now, and its been sitting in a box waiting to be shown. While now is not the season for this color, it is quite creamy and a deep, pretty red.

Brand: China Glaze
Collection: Joy for Holidays 2012
Name: Merry Berry
Color: deep, apple red
Texture: creamy
Coats: 2
Retail $: 6.50
Rating: B

RetroUrbanRainbow says.... paint in on in December!

with flash

Monday, May 27, 2013

NOTD: China Glaze in Surreal Appeal / Get Carried Away

Surreal Appeal - is a beautiful coral pink that screams "SUMMER!" Applied liked a breeze and dried with ease. 

 Brand: China Glaze
Collection: Cirque Du Soleil
Name: Surreal Appeal
Color: warm coral/pink
Texture: smooth creme
Coats: 2
Retail $:
Rating: A

RetroUrbanRainbow says.... perfect summer companion

Carried Away - I noticed a lot of bloggers weren't exactly thrilled with this color, but I seem to be the exception. I found it to be a delight to apply and only needed 2 coats. It's honestly one of the best chunky glitters I've worked with.

Brand: China Glaze
Collection: Cirque Du Soleil
Name: Carried Away
Color: clear black base, black/red/silver glitters
Texture: glitters
Coats: 2
Retail $:6.99
Rating: B+

RetroUrbanRainbow says.... if you like chunky glitter, try this one.

Friday, May 17, 2013

NOTD: China Glaze in Creative Fantasy / Whirled Away

Exactly one month ago was my last post. :( 

I'm trying to balance life with 2 blogs, which has proven difficult. I just back from Miami, which I had a business trip there for a few days. The ocean is absolutely beautiful out there! As usual life has been busy busy busy, but on the work from I was promoted twice in a month. :) Very exciting and I'm happy. Anyways, onto...

This is the last one with my lame Sally nails, finally. 

Creative Fantasy is a unique purple. It's almost a neon purple with a jelly finish. I used 2 coats, but it covered some nails great and others weren't completely opaque. The color was a little part matte, but I did use a top coat. To top it off I also used, Whirled Away. I wanted to run away after using this color. The glitter was extreme pain to get coverage. The end result was: frumpy mess.

Brand: China Glaze 
Collection: Cirque du Soleil 
Color: jelly, neon purple and black hex and bar glitter
Name: Creative Fantasy / Whirled Away
Retail $: 6.99 
Rating: C-