Friday, June 7, 2013

Eos Shaving Cream

Eos is branching out, holla!

When making my monthly Walgreens run (for dry shampoo), I always slow down at the cosmetics aisles to look at the goods. As I was browsing through the latest sales I saw Eos is now making shaving cream. Ooooh! 

Have you used Eos before?

 Eos is one of my ultimate favorite lip balms. It comes in the most fun case. It’s pretty much a soft, circular object that has a soft texture. They come in a handful of colors and flavors. My top choice is lemon, I find it quite addicting. Moving on to the reason for this post! Eos makes shaving cream. It’s quite different that I had imagined. The color is a faint pink with a light aroma of strawberries. It has a consistency of lotion and…it’s pretty much lotion completely. When I first used it I thought, "meh." Nothing super moisturizing about it. But the following morning I was sitting at my desk at work, sporting my usual carpi lace leggings and as my calf went back and back entwining and bouncing around...I felt it. I felt the lovely smooth and velvetness that Eos created. Message approved! 

RetroUrbanRainbow says... make Eos your summer friend!

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