Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Haul 2010

March Haul

Money right now is tight. Well its always tight, but now to the extreme. I spent all my shopping/spending money on my plane ticket to Sao Paulo, Brazil to visit my friend, K. And my visa (which was ridiculously expensive). Moving on---thats not what I want to go on about. I wanted to share a few products that I got recently and prolly no more makeup until my trip. Oh well, its worth it!

Urban Decay's Lash Primer Potion ---->

This is new from UD. When I ran out of my lash primer from Lancome I was on the hunt for a new one. And I MUST HAVE everything from UD. It's a sickness, I know. I won't deny it! My basic problem with my lashes is they dont curl. I have very long lashes and they're nice but annoying at the same time. So for photoshoots I use false lashes. Not a lot of time for that everyday. So using lash primer it vamps up lashes. It's a little pricey at $20, tho.

Urban Decay's Deluxe e/s in Ransom------>

is a color I got in one of the palettes with 12 colors. I used it up pretty fast. Purple is the first to go for me since I live and breath it. It's not a matte color, but its not really glittery. It's stuck in the middle. I love the cases from UD's deluxe e/s'. It reminds me of those retro stickers you got as a child.

Urban Decay's e/s in Grifter------->

I've had this color before. It's not pigmented or anything and you can tell its not my usual WOWZA color, but it's my first color from UD. And you never forget your first ;) It's a very light, shimmery lavender. When I want it to pop some more I use Kyrolan's wet base in White.

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