Monday, April 18, 2011

April’s Beauty Blogs Backstage with Phyrra

For the month of April I got paired with the gorgeous Phyrra. Her blog is definitely something to check out regularly. She has one great post after another including reviews and FOTD's.

Click HERE to check out Phyrra's interview of me

1. What made you start you blog?
 I started my blog originally because I couldn't find many reviews about mineral makeup, so I wanted to share my experiences with it. I then evolved into doing reviews of other products, diy hair, and fotds.

 2. What is your favorite spring beauty trend?
 My favorite spring beauty trend is orange lips. I know that not a lot of people can pull them off, but I think they're a ton of fun.

 3. What is your fashion style?
 I'm not sure what you'd consider my fashion style. I have a lot of classic black pieces for every day, but I have some edgy stuff, too. Most of my clubbing stuff tends to be gothic.

4. What is your favorite prestige product and drug store product?
 I suppose my favorite prestige product is Too Faced Amazing Face Liquid foundation in Vanilla Creme. I feel like it gives me an airbrushed appearance. I love it. My favorite drugstore product is Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume mascara.

 5. What do you do in your spare time?
 In my spare time I spend a lot of time reading, playing video games, playing with my standard poodle Phaedra, and hanging out with my friends.

 6. What's your #1 makeup don't?
 My number one makeup don't... well for me personally, I don't wear a lot of brown, so wearing a bunch of brown is my makeup don't.

7. If you could only use 3 colors of eye shadow, what would they be?
 If I could only use 3 colors of eye shadow, I'd have to use a vivid fuchsia like Morgana Cryptoria's Druscilla's Sister, a bright turquoise like Sugarpill Afterparty and a shimmery metallic black like Fyrinnae's Kuroneko.

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