Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Update

photo stolen from my friend, but I doubt he reads this anyway lol

I'm back from vacation and back into the real world. The chilly Chicago world. Sad face. I had such a great trip with plenty of interesting people and stories. I will have a post with pictures and all the good stuff later. I have sad news that my blogging frequency will be a lot less. I've been super proud that for 3 whole months I was able to put up a post every single day. GO RACHAEL! But that is about to change.

I recently got this amazing new job downtown that is full time! ( and those are hard to get now a days) But with school and working 40 hours a week plus the commute time...that leaves my blogging time cut down majorly. I will do my best to post, promise. RetroUrbanRainbow is still my baby.

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