Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miami, you have defeated me!

I finally made it to Miami! WOO! Yes, excitement was in order. But I'm sooooo not a fan of Miami. The people, the traffic and the TRAFFIC!!! Decided to spend the afternoon at South Beach, well we sat bumper to bumper looking for parking for over an hour. It was terribly stressful. And the fact that my friend was angrily yelling at traffic was only adding to my stress. Sheesh! I'm pretty close to getting an ulcer from this damn city. No one stops at stop signs and the assface in front of us would stop the car to flirt with women and just sit there. I beeped for minutes at a time, but the doushebag just remained flirting in his car. There was so much traffic I couldn't around. AAARRRGGGG!

Well tmrw, we get on the boat which I'm super stoked for. :)


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