Monday, March 14, 2011

Epic Fail: Matte Nail Polishes

I'm so disappointed at this epic fail. :(

I have had such a great experience with Zoya nail polish that I knew I had to try out their matte nail polish. I ordered this beautiful purple that I fell for at first sight. I applied two coats, noticing that I was having issues getting even coats. Okay, fine I must have been having a shaky hand day. The color was brilliant and I was really liking how matte was incredible different from any other finish I had. Within hours the polish was chipping off. And by the end of the night it looked like I had lost half of the polish off my nails. WTF! I was not happy at all! I chalked it up to a bad day and tried it all over. SAME THING! Ggggrrr.

Then I decide to play a little experience. One hand would remain normal and the other would get a top coat. With a top coat it defeats the purpose of having a matte color. So my choice was no matte or chipping matte. It was a lose-lose. :(

What are your experiences with matte polishes?

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CucumPear said...

I agree, mattes tend to chip like crazy and show every flaw and ridge in your nails. Which is so sad, 'cause I love mattes.
In my experience ManGlaze is a bit better than most brands, but their polishes still chip more quickly than they do when I add top coat.
I soon stopped buying mattes and instead use matte top coat. It doesn't look the same as a true matte polish, but I'd rather have my mattified rock hard, Seche Vite protected polish lasting until I'm ready to change it than having to worry about gross chipped polish in the middle of the days.