Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beauty Blogs Backstage: An Interview with CucumPear

I'm very happy to report it's time for another Beauty Blogs Backstage! This is always the highlight of my week. This month I got paired with the lovely Amira of CucumPear. I'm totally in awe of her nail designs, they are just gorgeous! You should be following her blog, just like me, it's well worth it.

Click HERE to see her interview me :)

1. The name of your blog really catches my eye, besides that killer green color. Why that name?
My blog started out as a general beauty blog named "CucumPear's Pandemonium of Cosmetics," but it soon turned into a pure polish blog so I started thinking about a new name. I study Ancient History, had fairly recently taken my Ancient Greek exam and still had that on my mind. It was a bit of an epiphany when I realised that onyx isn't just a kind of quartz, but actually means claw or fingernail. Phalanx just came to mind, despite being a rather modern term for fingers. In the end I just loved the way "Onyx Phalanx" sounds and that I'm basically calling my blog 'fingernail (military) formation.' ;-)

2. What is your favorite thing to post about on your blog?
Though I tend to get more feedback when I post swatches that's far from my favourite topic. I love doing silly themed nail art that no sane person would wear. There's just not enough of that kind of thing around and I love imagining people reading a post and going: *facepalm* "What was she thinking?"

3. You take really good pictures of your nails. What camera do you use?
Thank you! I recently switched to a Canon Powershot SX210 IS and I love it to bits. I still have to photoshop the red spectrum back into any purples I photograph, but otherwise it's amazing. I could probably
just keep it set to auto most of the time. The only downside that taking photos one-handedly is nigh impossible, so a tripod is absolutely necessary.

4. One brand you would die without?
I find that I can make any polish work as long as I have my Seche Vite. I don't know if I would die without it - I tend to accept and adapt - but that's the closest I can get.

5. What are you looking forward to sporting for spring?
Brights! Glitter! Anything but muted colours.

6. Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook, I guess. I like Twitter better, but just don't use it as much as Facebook (damn addictive games). I could survive without either.

7. Bright eyeshadow or bright lips?
Bright eyeshadow, generally. I just love wearing bright greens and purples, jewel tones and black on my lids, while my lips tend to be sheer pinks or rosy colours.

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