Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hi everyone!
So my spring break is finally tomorrow. I could not be more excited and a little nervous. I just want it ALL to go smoothly without a single hitch. I'm going to be taking a road trip to Miami with my best friend, then we get on a cruise for 4 nights and return home to Chicago. I have wanted to take a road trip since I was 17 and 8 years later I finally can. ha. The picture above is from our ship, Carnival Imagination. I'm stoked it has a mini water park on it. Wild! Majority of my trip I won't have internet, which is a bummer. But maybe a little break might be good. I will try to most and give you guys stories of my adventure, but in all honesty in won't be until I return. I promise to take TONS and TONS of pictures.

My goal is to have this who road trip segment, not so much a mini series but me yapping and taking pictures.

Hello, I'm part dork and part nerd. :)

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