Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OOTD: Gay Pride!


It's baaaaaaaaaaaack! OOTD, that is. I have been slacking on all my regular series and I'm attempting to get back on track.

This OOTD was from Chicago's Gay Pride Parade. This is my 5th year going and it's always a gay 'ole time. That whole weekend is like a holiday for me. We had a record this year with almost 800,000 people going. WOO!

Not even those jerk faces who slashed all the tires on the floats stopped the parade! 

I ended up making my shirt, well sorta. The tank is from Dots, and I went to my local craft store and bought fabric paints. These tights can I say are the most frickin awesome thing I own. I worked them, no lie!!!!! I'm super gay, DUH!

I'll post some of the pictures later this week. 

Did you go to pride???????

Shorts - Torrid $36
Tank - Dots $6
Tights - We Love Colors $15
Shoes - Payless $16

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