Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm Aaaaalive & Urban Decay's Electric Palette

I'M AAAAALIVE!!!!!!!!!! It has been months and months, which turned into over 1.5 years. GAH! I'm ashamed of my lack of inspiration. It's not that my love and/or obsession with cosmetics and the art/fashion has decreased, but every time i planned to write something...I was't feeling it. So new year (HAPPY 2015!) means new posts and new inspiration. I am promising! And trying to figure out my life as well. Ahhhh, to be an adult...right?!

On to Urban Decay's new palette....ELECTRIC.

When I walked into Sephora a couple weeks before my birthday, I stopped dead in my tracks when resting my eyes on this palette. It literally halted me in my tracks! Being on a budget for the holiday season I sadly walked away, wistfully wishing I could bring her home. Then came January, where I celebrated my birthday with friends. My awesome roommate, Megan (her real name) got me this palette. She knows that I don't do browns and nudes, that I'm all about COLOR. Bright, passionate, obsessive ELECTRIC color! One of the best birthday gifts I have gotten :)

As you can see from the photos below, the lighting was pretty terrible - but the powerful colors do manage to show through. They aren't done justice that is the truth. All colors are extremely pigmented, with the exception of Revolt. As usual, this palette is highly blendable - which is one of my favorite things about UD. I'm in love, baby...

Revolt - pure silver and metallic, shimmery but kinda transparent
Gonzo - comes off matte, but has slight glitter in the robins egg blue
Slowburn - orangey red matte color
Savage - barbie pink matte color
Fringe - very metallic turquoise with shimmers
Chaos - classic blue matte
Jilted - gorgeous fushia
Urban- metallic purple, shimmers
Freak - shimmery, lime green metallic
Thrash - lemon-lime, shimmery

Price: $49
Pros: easy to blend, pigmented color & free brush
Cons: disclaimer noting not all colors are FDA approved for your eyes
Rating: A-
RetroUrbanRainbow says: a must for color lovers!

with Flash

with flash

in natural light
in natural light

with flash

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