Thursday, March 4, 2010


I had bought these items over a month ago and finally having a chance to review them.

Kryolan is a professional makeup brand and this company is wicked. They're colors are wet based makeup. What does that mean? It means you add JUST a drop of water into the palette and the color disperses. It reminds me of water colors and thats just what they look like.

First, as you can see is Kyrolan's White and Black---simply called that, no fancy name. They are officially my new favorite bases. And with a base it makes any color so much more pigmented and the durability for extended time. I have had a few white eyeliners/bases/shadows but nothing compares the white here. I love it! It's pure pure pure white like I've never seen. AMAZING! The black is just as good. One drop of water gives you enough of the color to blend on your lids. I imagine this lasting for a long time. Only cost $8.50 each on @shrinkle's page on ebay.

The palette below which is the UV colors glow under a black light and are insanely neon. I haven't seen anything like it and I loooooooove. These colors are not for everyone and some would say not everyday, but I say YES YES YES. It cost about $30 from @shrinkle on ebay. These colors are used mainly for bodypainting. Doesn't really smudge and so easy to remove. Just a cloth with water removes it.

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Gregory said...

Love the colors. They look Great on you, Rachael