Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review: Creative #1 Palette from Coastal Scents

I can't believe how far behind I've fallen. I bought this palette back in the fall. Tsk tsk on me. But better late than never...right? The palette above is from Coastal Scents. I heard of Coastal Scents from Xsparkage's blog last year and became intrigued. It's great cosmetics for a decent price. And with all the Urban Decay I buy...its evens out...kinda :P

Look below to see my swatches (they are swatches without primer)

This is one of my favorite palette's I own. The colors are matte with vibrant hues. I LOVE insanely pigmented colors and as you can see... I usually stay away from mattes, they can be more difficult to blend but Coastal Scents' eye shadows don't follow that rule. The Creative #1 Palette cost be around $18, which if you split per color...that is like $1.50 each. CHEAP! I thoroughly enjoy this palette. It was a good starting point or mid starting point. It has most of the basic colors in the rainbow to play around with.

I honestly adore this company and encourage you to check them out. I posted the link below. They generally have some type of sale going on which is nice in this shitty economy. Just wait til I purchase the 88 palette. Think of all the swatches!

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