Friday, May 20, 2011

Beauty Blogs Backstage - May - An Interview with Lipstick and Luxury.

For the month of May I got paired up with the lovely Lipstick and Luxury.

1.  I love your blog name! Where did it inspire from? 

I've used the handle, LipstickNYC for a few years because it represents who I am, a Lipstick Lesbian living in the Big Apple. I am also a huge fan of lip products so the double meaning that the word "Lipstick" has for me is really personal so I had to use in my blog name.

2. What made you get into blogging?

 I had a personal blog and decided that I no longer wanted to post my private life on the web. Blogging about the products that I loved seemed like a natural fit because I'm a bit of a collector. I hesitated creating my blog because there are so many beauty blogs online but once I got started I really loved it.

3. What are your favorite spring products? 

Hmm there are too many to name. I just tried a great shimmery lotion by Mario Badescu that I fell in love with. I also love Elizabeth Ardens Bronze in Bloom collection, the colors are perfection.

4. Bold lips or bold eyes? 

Bold lip! I always play up both my lips and eyes but if I had to choose one, it would be my lips for sure.

5. Must have prestige product and must have drug store product?

 I'm all about the prestige products because I love the whole luxury shopping experience so if I had to choose one it would be DiorShow mascara. As for a drug store product I'll go with Essie Nail Polish in Mink Muffs.

6. What do you like to do in your spare time?

 I wish I had more spare time! When I'm not blogging or working, I spend all of my time with my amazing family and friends. Other than that, I love to go to the gym, cook and travel.

7. As a fellow lipstick lesbian, why do you think we are so far and between in the beauty blogging world? 

I think that many LGBT bloggers that don't specifically blog about LGBT issues don't want to be "out". I've spent too much time in the closet that I embrace my sexuality as a large part of who I am as a person. I really hope to see more diversity in the blogging world and I'd love to see more lesbian bloggers writing about cooking, tech, frashion etc while being out at the same time.

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