Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mike & Molly, Controversy or a Step Forward?

Do you remember the controversy surrounding the Marie Claire blog post from November 2010? A blogger from the magazine (the bitch doesn't even deserve to be named) went off how isn't it disgusting to watch to over weight people have a love story. 

I like many bloggers fired back. This was half a year ago. I never actually watched the show before yesterday. Where I caught up on half the season. I was surprised on how cute and well put together the show was.  Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy star in the comedy as Mike and Molly who meet at over eaters anonymous. I'm impressed by the supporting characters and how well they pull the show together. Swoosie Kurtz plays Molly's nympho mother who just calls her daughter big boned and is a hilarious support. Katy Mixon plays Victoria, Molly's skinny, over sexed sister. Their is also, Mike's police officer partner, Carl and Carl's Nana. All of them together pull together a pretty funny show. Personally I like to see "normal" people on tv.

I still want to punch that blogger from Marie Claire in the boob. HARD. A world just of skinny, hunger models on TV? not real. so, what no gay characters on TV either. 

This was my reaction post: click here!

Am I alone in this? I'm proud to be who I am. I'm not perfect or a size 6, and I'm okay with that. You cannot make me feel disgusting.  kthanksbye!

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