Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beauty Blogs Backstage: An Interview with Blushing

I recently joined Beauty Blogs Backstage. What is it, you ask? It is like a mix of "spotlight" and "link love." It's a group that pairs each blogger up with different bloggers each month. I thought this was a killer idea to learn more about the writers behind each blog.

If you are interested in joining BBB, I linked it below.  The month of September I've been paired with Gail Slogoff of her blog, Blushing. Check out my seven questions below.

And check out her interview with me at (on 9/25) :

Here we go!

1. What 2 brands would you spend all your money on (if you could), one brand being upper scale and the other on the cheaper end? 
I love Bobbi Brown anything. From eyes to lips, this is my “go to” brand. Maybelline is a great drug store line. Their mascara, the first one I ever purchased, still rocks and they have some great shadow combos.

2. What inspired you to start your blog?

After hosting a fundraiser at Blue Mercury last Spring and helping friends choose skincare and makeup, I realized that I had something to say and people who actually wanted to listen. Then, a friend who is a free lance writer for a local magazine suggested that I give it a shot. 8 months later, I am having a blast.

3. What makeup would you be sporting on a night out with your gals (or boys)?
Eyes-I like to first line my lids with Laura Mercier liner in Chestnut. Then I love Laura Mercier Luster Eye Color Duo in Golden Brown. Bobbi Brown Metallic Shadow in Blackberry accents the crease. Dior Show mascara makes my lashes full and thick.

Lips-Currently, I  love Nars Tashkent matte lipstick which gives me enough coverage so that my eyes pop.

4.How do you feel about Lady Gaga’s makeup?
Wearing dramatic makeup is all about attitude. Ms. Gaga definitely has all that and more. Love her MAC Viva Glam red lipstick she sports and I am also loving Deborah Lipman’s Waking Up In Vegas grey nail polish that Lady wore for the VMAs.

5. You can only use one color, what do you choose for eyes, lips, cheeks, ect…?

Nars.... Orgasm, of course!

6. Do you have a makeup muse?
Kate Hudson. I think her motto is “keep it simple” I have has mastered the basics- how to cover a zit, put on blush, and what lip color works. I like my face to be natural looking and I am a fan of multitasking products like makeup for eyes, cheeks, and lips because they make my life easier.

Being a mom of 3 kids I don’t have time most days to go crazy. But I love me some glitter on the weekends!

7. Since the whole world has gone vampire crazy---although I have since I was 13---are you team True Blood or team Twilight?

Actually, I am a huge fan of Bewitched and Sabrina, both are witches and more my speed.


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