Wednesday, October 6, 2010

High Voltage Cosmetics

 This is a brand I've been aware of for more than a few months. But with my little income after being unemployeed...I was on a hiatus from buying. 

During the chaos that has become my makeup station and my room :o I'm way unorganized. Bad, Rachael...I know. I don't have the names listed below. I'll be better next time. Anyhoo! Not only a great price, but the products really have strong color and durabiluty. With my class schedule, then running right to work I look for eye shadows that will past the test and not require major touch ups. Who has that time? Not me! The 3 more neutral colors are my go to for work. It's too early to show them how I REALLY am. :P And the bright lime green is my favorite. It's effen gorgeous!!! They blend really well, even the mattes. My lame camera doesn't do them justice. 

  • blends easily
  • packed to the top
  • good price for quality
  • beautiful colors
  • when opening and closing it can get a little messy

Rating: 9/10

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