Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nails of the Week: Hot Topic

I went to the suburbs last weekend to do a little shopping with my friend. Attempted to find wigs, which was a major fail. Either too expensive or too tacky. Buggar! Walking around the mall before we saw Resident Evil Afterlife we passed Hot Topic. Of course me who wanders in, not even realizing that we are in Hot I skip the rocker tees and go straight for the accessories and makeup. I had no idea Hot Topic sold their own brand of cosmetics and nail polish. Noticing the bright, techno colors and the price of $2.99 each I quickly grabbed four of my favorite colors there. They don't have individual names (makes me sad). But the color outcome was wild.

A bright, bright neon yellow
--- I normally hate yellow (childhood reasons). But its so bright you swear it glows in the dark. Awesomeness! 

A easter lilac purple
--- something different about this lavender shade. beautiful. 

Christmas glitter red--- nothing special. needed 4 coats to look strong.

And deep caribbean blue--- think of being in the ocean right before it gets dark. thats how effen memorizing it is. 

I'll be back for more colors!!!!!!!  

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Sam May said...

I have the red and black!