Friday, October 1, 2010


It's finally October, which means the end of summer. I guess summer has been over for a little bit, but I have not been noticing. My summer was a month, the month of June actually, I spent in Brazil. Trust me I have no complaints about that. My trip was awesome and had amazing quality company. When I returned I started summer classes. Got a few "what are you nuts?" looks. But at the age of 24 (AH!) I'm ready to be done with school. Ya know? Finals ended last week and I happy to report I brought up my GPA and did really well on them. I'm turning over a new leaf and very difficult for me since I'm not a studious gal. I've been putting up some Halloween looks and have some more in the works. I hope to keep it steady and flowing. Fall classes start Wednesday :( and I'm still working part time. I guess if I was working full time and going to school full time I'd never have anytime for my blog. sad panda! ----as my friend would say.

Halloween looks coming up:
Bumble Bee

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