Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wet and Wild: Lip Glosses

Wet n Wild was a brand I grew up on. Back in the day it was my go to brand. It was accessible, cheaply priced and approved by the parentals. Did I say "back in my day?" SHEESH! The first 2 years of college I didn't wear makeup. Being in culinary program then baking and pasties meant kitchen life. And I wasn't one of those crazy bitches who woke up at 3am to put on makeup before my 5am class. I stopped buying makeup until I found my love...Urban Decay. I went to get a tattoo with my friend, Ali, a few weeks ago. I didn't get one in the end but I did go into a drugstore and impulsively buy a good chunk of Wet n Wild products. Each lip gloss was $1.99 and while inexpensive the lip glosses are a win for me.

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