Monday, August 2, 2010

Brazil Series: Haul

SURPRISE! I have one more post up my sleeve for Brazil Series. I forgot I had bought a few cosmetics items on my trip. Below, I got a bronzer, eye shadow and a set of eyeliners. Makeup in Brazil is extremely expensive. And since I was on a budget I stuck with the cheaper stuff. The bronzer was actually a face powder and the lightest in the store, but its pretty dark so I used it as a contour. Pretty decent for $2.50. The set of eyeliners are comparable to Wet and Wild. All of them together cost me $7.00 and that is cheap. They're too rough for the upper lid, so used as the bottom liner and they are peachy. The loose eyeshadow was a but strange. It's similar to mineral makeup but not as fun and a whole lot lighter in weight. I found with 2 primers was the only way it would stay on the entire day.

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