Saturday, August 21, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes, Review and Swatches

I kinda love Glamour Doll Eyes. Seriously.

I first heard about
Glamour Doll Eyes from myeyeshadowisodd on youtube. I absolutely love her videos. You can clearly see how talented she is. She uses them in quite a lot of her videos, and I became skeptical whether to try them or not. There are millions of beauty videos out there and many companies pay quite a bit of gurus to rave and use their products.

Months later, I decided to give this company a try.

I spent a couple hours on their site deciding over what colors I wanted to purchase. Then I nearly went gaga when I saw the loose glitters. The Eye Lites aka glitters were very fine and ranged from subtly like the lime green and BAM in your face with the red called Fierce. I'm a huge glitter fanatic and with most people they wont use them very often. Only...I will!!!! I also got a few shadows which were super pigmented. And the jar was filled to the top. Kinda messy when opening. But good when spending your money. Check out swatches below.

I think I'd kill for this color. I've never seen red glitter before. Orgasmic.

Needs a blue base to really pop out.

Pretty, but when I wore it I could barely notice it was on.

It's a purple party!

When I opened the jar I fell in love with the color. I thought hello Tinkerbell! When I wore it out, it was really light and look for like a shimmer.

I don't wear a lot of dark greens, but gave this a shot. It's super pigmented and am making it my fall go to color. It blends with ease.

GORGEOUS! I love gold colors but not many are this vibrant. A must have!

Metallic. Shimmery. Beautiful. My new work color.

Blue or purple? Depending on your base you get to decide.

  • pigmented
  • vibrant
  • blendable
  • lot for your money
  • fast delivery
  • great selection of colors
  • glitters are fine and too subtle in color
  • opening jar poofs out and loses some product
Rating: 8.5/10

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