Saturday, August 7, 2010


hey, guys. I'm really trying to get better at posting, tutorial, swatches and reviews. I know I keep saying that but I mean it, really! Life has gotten kinda busy and crazzzzzy. There is always some crazy. I guess if I have no drama then I can't...balance? I started a new job early in the week and which I thought was like 15 hours a week has doubled. And I'm thrilled about it. It's a fun job at a hotel filled with responsibility. Don't get me wrong I want to work in cosmetics as well, but this job is what I want/need at the moment. I don't have a digital camera so my youtube tutorials will be put on hold for awhile, sadly. I have some reviews and swatches coming up on my blog and a bunch of FOTD's. On top of a couple difficult classes I will be updating.

I'm also in the process of trying to find and check out some smaller and/or newer online cosmetics companies to try their products and help pass on the word. If you have suggestions, lemme know! I have a few things from Glamour Doll Eyes on the way and I want to check out High Voltage Cosmetics, Sedona Lace and Jesse's Girl. I think its important to support these type of companies. Although I still love my Urban Decay and MAC.

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