Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Accessories Haul

I'm not really into hauls. I tried early this year, but didn't stick. Prolly due to the fact I don't shop as much as I would like. Where's my sugar momma? hehe I needed some new accessories for my new hair and upcoming trip. Plus I had these 30% coupons that had to be used be this month. Yay, birthday month. :)

I'm such a tights freak this year. I wish I could wear them everyday, but I don't  have enough skirts or appropriate dresses.

pale pink lace tights - Torrid $15.95
black fishnet tights - Fashion Bug $7.50

colored print band aides - Forever 21 $3.80
pink bead bracelet - Forever 21   $1.50
pear earrings - Forever 21    $1.50
polka dot bow clip- Forever 21  $1.50
gold chain/pink flower necklace - Forever 21  $6.80

 dangle earrings - Charlotte Russe 2 for $8 or $6 each

hot pink/black/purple feather/chain earrings - Wet Seal $9

black chain/heart - 579 $4.20

I had no idea 579 was still around, but main its one tiny store. Literally ans size wise. 

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