Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas Haul 2009: Eyes

If you asked what my favorite product is, I’d pretty much guarantee I would say Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliner. So when I got a few new colors I was very happy. :) They last super long and glide on like butter. None of that crappy
jagged lines across your lids. Even across your
waterline, which can be a delicate spot. “Zero”
which is a classic black I’ve had before but is
by far the best buy you will ever make. The colors
coming from left to right below are: ---->

“midnight cowboy” <--- is one of the Heavy Metal glitter liners. Amazing product! It’s like if silver and gold had a baby, that’s the color right there.

NYX is a brand that is rapidly growing on me. It’s not dirt cheap, just in the middle ground. I found this palette at Ulta before christmas. It’s not goopey, but has a creamy texture and stick to your skin without the fallout of loose glitter. Putting over eye shadow over time just creases the shadow and look awful. But works great on skin alone. It’s worth the $8.99 if you love glitter

I heard of smudge pots a few months ago,
and when Stila Cosmetics came out with this
cute kit only pricing at $32 I knew I had to try
out these so called smudge pots. And I may
I’m a fan. Smudge pots are a gel liner and
shadow in one.

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