Friday, January 22, 2010

Deep Conditioner Review

There isn’t a better feeling than silky hair…and that is from great conditioning. The average woman’s hair should be deep conditioned 4 to 6 weeks, the same time amount of time you get a hair cut. In this shitty economy, saving a penny is super. Skip the salon and save a couple hundred a month by doing it yourself. My recommendation is Paul Mitchell’s Moisture Conditioner. If anyone knows damaged hair…its meeeee! I’ve been avidly dying and bleaching my hair since I was 14; almost 10 years non stop. From brunette to purple to blonde to orange to red to black to platinum and finally back to dark brown. I’m addicted to coloring my hair, which is much better than crack! Haha. Needless my hair with all the dying and flat ironing has been through a lot in its time. With all my broken pieces I needed to find a way to revive it again. I had it deep conditioned at Ulta Salon in Chicago for my birthday last year and it cost me $95. Now to the at home method…after showering and washing your hair, apply your conditioner (and I pray its not the drug store kind. the kind made of wax) and lather it up especially the ends. But instead of rinsing it out leave it in and put a shower cap over it. If you want to be ghetto like me you can use a jewel bag. Of course I can’t live that down, either! For semi damaged or normal hair just leave in for 20-30 minutes then rinse out. But if you have hair that need a deep, deep conditioning—leave it in overnight and witness how softer and healthier its becoming.

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