Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas Haul 2009: Lips

I hope everyone’s holiday was splendid. I got many new products over the holiday and my 24th birthday. I thought instead of doing a haul video, since I am not the biggest fan, I would do a review. The theme? Lips! I did take pictures, but since I woke up after 230pm the sun went down by the time I was functioning. Which made the colors very off from its originality.

The products:

Sephora ---> Precious Pink
Bronzed Beauty
Sephora’s glosses are a touch a shimmer in them and pack just a tad of color in them. They are flavorless and not a sticky gloss. Precious is great for daytime and Bronzed Beauty is a great accent for an evening look.

NYX ---> 115 African Queen
136 Dolly Pink
Coastal Scents ---> Fusion
NYX’s lip glosses punch quite a lot
of color for glosses. They’re kinda
sticky, but go great over lipstick
for longer lasting color. Coastal
Scents’ Smacks line is they’re gloss
line. It’s a small tube and great
deal for only $1.99 with bold color!

NYX ---> 588 Orange Soda
575 Black Cherry
507 NYX
509 Narcissus
529 Thaila

NYC ---> 405B Blue Rose
Prestige ---> 82A Heartbreak
86A Lolita

NYX has decent lipstick for only $4. Most also have moistureizers in them for that glide on feeling. When you wear them, if your lips are cracked and have some wear on them, it shows. My favorite of
them is Black Cherry--a very
deep red---and Thaila---just a
basic nude that goes with

Prestige I found one day at Ulta
while roaming around (I know
SHOCKER). It was on clearance
so its quite possible that it is in
the process of being discontinues. I’m a fan of the 2 I have. They are not glossy at all, just plain matte. And it has taken me years to find a red that suits me the way I want it to. The colors are okay in the bright category and good for an everyday use.

NYC is a very cheap brand of
cosmetic’s but it is hard to find
such an intense pink and the
color is gorgeous. Has almost an
80’s vibe to it. Wear with lip
liner will help it last all day.

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