Friday, November 19, 2010

Halloween 2010

Wow, am I late on this or what! Halloween was three weeks ago now. I love love love Halloween. It's such an amazingly good times holiday. It's hard to imagine many adults don't celebrate it and believe its only for children. MADNESS! The gays do Halloween better than anyone else. Disagree? Get lost! :P 

I decided to go as Kylie Minogue, the international singer. I cant stand buying $65 costumes from Spirit that you only wear once. So when I made/bought my costume and I kept in mind that I'd be using it all again.

Corset: Torrid
Tutu: Handmade
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Payless
Wig: Halloween Hallway
Headband: Forever
Necklace: a gift

 The 3 day bender I was on, you think I was Kesha or something...but it really left no time to take photos of my makeup or remember what I used each night. Because it was different every night.

 Thank you Effen Black Cherry Vodka.

 Closeup of my eye, after I ripped off my lashes.

I won the best creative costume for the night.

This is my lovely bestie. Yes, I did his makeup! It was fun, and interesting. I'm so used to mine and other women's. But overall it came out good. In case your wondering, he was a white Foxy Brown. haha.

Shot taken on the red line of my makeup. I love those lashes! 

 Peyton as a shark for Halloween. He hated it. 

Totally spent after tugging his costume off.

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charmed-chick said...

i love, love, love ur make up very cute for halloween :)