Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So like me to write this and not actually post it on Thanksgiving. 

I starting thinking, what am I thankful for? It's been an exhausting year so far. Many highs and many lows. 

I'm incredible lucky to have such an amazing family. A brother who I'm super duper proud of and who has come very far recently. A mother who always has my back and a pillar of support in whatever endeavor I'm into at the moment. And the best aunts I could ask for.

A best friend (who has earned the title of family) and who has stuck with me for years and made me laugh at the most important moments.

Friends whom I've known since I was a kid and although I don't see them much in our busy lives I'm glad they are still in mine. 

And Peyton who is the love of my life!

What is everybody thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope ya'll have a great holiday and enjoy the massive amounts of food.

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