Thursday, January 13, 2011

Epic Fail Series

The picture says it all. 

I was organzing my room yesterday, when I realized I have a handful of products that are nothing short of a fail. Hardcore fail! So this is the start of a new series all about the epic failure of makeup. I'm aiming for a weekly series, but maybe more maybe less. We'll see how it turns out.

First up is this lipgloss I got from London. I was drawn to the packaging and the color. I mean how rock star does it look. Don't you want to buy it. Ummm. DO NOT. I was uber disappointed on how this swatched. It's practically clear. Priced at 5 dollars, such a fail.

Rock Star VIP Purple

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charmed-chick said...

lol i love this post it really tickled me cant wait to read more P.s I am a sucker for cute packaging too lol