Friday, January 14, 2011

Product of the Week: Barry M's Dazzle Dust - Lime

I'm just BURSTING with new series this week. I've also been on top of my game with all the posts. I'm very proud of myself! I stumbled on some amazing new items and I want to share them with you. The product of the week series will share a killer item that I would recommend to anyone. So here we go...

I discovered Barry M in London and picked up a few things from them. I really wish I had gotten more because this brand is amazing! You guys know how much I LOVE bright colors and anything bold and daring. I'm in love with this lime green color. Below I swatch the lime green Dazzle Dust.

Below you can see it swatched. With a white base, it really stand out. And I love how they fill the whole jar up. Extra points awarded there! :) 

From top to bottom: on bare skin, on UDPP, on NYX pencil in Milk


charmed-chick said...

i have this its a great color Barry M is my absolute favorite :)

RetroUrbanRainbow said...

I really wish I could find Barry M in the states!