Sunday, January 23, 2011

MUA Mini Haul

Yep, its another bunch of makeup from London. I really bought a massive amount of makeup! But I'm finally winding down to the end of it. If only I could order from SuperDrug but alas they won't deliver to the US.

MUA or Make Up Academy, is a brand only at Super Drug from them. Every item only cost $1.50. Hello deal! I didn't want to buy too much in case the products were a dud. But overall, me likey.

The cream eye shadow - a pretty sheen white/creamy color. great for highlight!

Purple glitter liner - first layer comes on a little clear, but 2nd layer felt a little heavy by the end of the day.

Blue glitter liner - major disappointment. came out chunky and unmanageable :( 

Lip gloss - not too sticky and a great color to top off any lipstick. 

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