Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gosh Cosmetics

I've heard about Gosh Cosmetics, a UK brand, from more than a few different blogs I follow. I was super duper excited when I found them on sale at SuperDrug. Unfortunetely most of the supply was completely ransacked. But I managed to pick up the last gift set! I was very happy! Especially for a hot price. 
What was included: 

High Precision Mascara $10

On Stage Cool Lip Jam in 105 $10.50

Quad Eye Shadow set $12.75

The whole set together cost less than $10. What a steal yo!!! :)

The lip jam had great color pay off for lip gloss. Also had these tiny blue sparkles as well, which you can see displayed on my lips. :)

in natural light
in natural light

colors dont impress me too much, but work for a highlight


charmed-chick said...

That lipgloss is lovely and i have the same eyeshadow quad as you i got it for xmas and havent used it yet so its nice to see some swatches :)

xNTA said...

I love GOSH. Their liquid liners? Hands down the best drugstore liners ever. Hands down.

Have a great one! x NTA