Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Spice House

I almost started a new series called 'wicked finds'. Do I need another series? Maybe not. hehe. 

Anyways, I last week I did a massive market run hitting organic markets for fruit and veggies. After I went to this little spice shop my mom loves for some homemade spices. Well, homemade by this store at least. As I did my browsing I realized how familiar this place was...because I went on a filed trip there 5 years ago! I found that too funny. But The Spice House in downtown Evanston (only a mile from me) has a great selection.

My favorite besides the hospitality of the employees is they have created their own spices and named them after neighborhoods of Chicago. LOVE! 

If your in Evanston, you should really check this place out!

What I picked up:
Finely Ground Nutmeg - yum. you know you like it.

Powdered Mushrooms - sounds scary, but I'm thinking great for soup
Chocolate Extract - great for low calorie coffee. 

Cheddar Cheese Powder - hello, popcorn topping. 

Tomato Powder - soup! 

Chipotle Chili Powder - I've been looking for this for the longest time. I love chipotle sauce, but its so high in calories and fat, and now I can make my own version. SCORE! 

Pure Maple Sugar - so much better than sugar and sweeter. It's a must for oatmeal.

Freeze Dried Corn - such a great tasty snack! it's perfect for trail mix and low in calories and fat

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Anonymous said...

There's a place in Long Grove called "The Olive Tap" they specialize in Olive oils. They have about 50 different types of amazing olive oils from all over the world. Sounds like you should check it out!