Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 1

So I have seen this floating around lately and I was challenged to do it, so here it is. I'm intrigued by the 365 photo challenge as well, but I should stick to the shorter one that I hope I will complete on time. haha. I'm actually proud of myself that I've been on top of the blogging. GO ME!

Anyways here are 15 facts plus a photo of me.

This is me on my 23rd birthday. I loved being blonde, it was so much fun. It was a lot of money and upkeep. A great time!!!

  1. I LOVE drinking. Not like. LOVE drinking. And I mean getting drunk, not some dainty glass of wine. I will only drink to be at least buzzed or drunk. I'm not ashamed. I have a blast when I go out. Go ahead and judge...I don't care! haha. 
  2. Kids scare me. They are like little demons and I refer to them as so.
  3. I have a sick obsession with all cosmetics and the rainbow. I spend hours looking a makeup and playing with it everyday. It makes me happy. I'm also a makeup snob. So what?
  4. My family is awesome. I love them to death. I don't think I would be who I am without them. They are supportive, reliable and a hoot. I'm very lucky.
  5. I prefer to wear wigs on a daily basis (not to work). I feel they are more me than my boring brown hair. It freaks some people out, but it's like dress up. :)
  6. I'm moving to Las Vegas this summer. Most people, which includes some family and friends DO NOT believe me. But I will leave you in a cloud of dust soon. I'm serious. I'm so done with being in IL.
  7. I'm 25 and still like to party. I don't want to settle down now or in the near future. Deal with it.
  8. One of my favorite things to do is have girls night. Funny, but not with my own friends. The old school girls night with my mom, aunts, Em and Tina. Who'd thought I'd like hanging out with them? I guess I grew up.
  9. I pick terrible friends. Friends who flake out and aren't reliable. And friends who break my heart. Hopefully I will learn better down the road. 
  10. I've seen every episode of Charmed 12x over. Rose McGowan is my wifey. <3 
  11. I love working in the hospitality industry, but I don't know if it'll be forever. In the last couple years, I've been really wanting to do something professional with makeup and esthetics.
  12. I've been winning a lot of things in the last 6 months. I've won makeup, nail polish, tights and even a cruise!
  13. It's ridiculous how much I like change. One day I want orange hair, than short hair, then purple hair, then looooong hair. It's made me realize how much I love being  woman. WE ROCK! 
  14. I've done a good deal of international travel by 25. Brazil, London, Prague and Mexico (next month).
  15. I have the craziest kitten in the world. He is nutso, but I am such a cat lady. Expect me to have a dozen.

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