Thursday, February 3, 2011

FOTD: Girl Date

Hey guys! I had quite an eventful weekend last week. I had only an like an hour to get ready to meet my friend out in boystown. As she called it, "it's our girl date night!" 

We went to Jack's on Halsted, which is a big date place and we were pretty much the only women there. But I had a $50 gift certificate and they served strong, delish martini's. I'm fancy! Oh la la. :)

I threw on my new Katy Perry wig (that's what I named her). What is that strange? ha. I opted for some simple Rocker eyes and my new L'Oreal lipstick that has Gwen Stefani in the ad...and called it a night. I don't have the product list, but I have a few more pics.