Friday, February 4, 2011

Where to Find Me

Hey, guys! Are you surving this snow and getting around? I hope so. 

PS stay tuned for my good news at the bottom of the page :D

I'm not sure if I have a post, telling you how to reach me or where to find me at...but if so, oh well. My main site has been down for a few months now and I had to revamp a few things on it. It is now UP and RUNNING. YAY! 

Click HERE for my main website,, which also has all my links and communications. It's my baby. I created it myself. It talks about me, my portfolio and freelancing. You can even fill out a form on the site, and it go to my email. I can respond or just read your comments and requests. 

Click HERE for my Facebook fan page, where you can become my fan aka "like" me. I have over 1,000 fans on there now which brings a big smile to my face. I post the most on there, mainly cause I am a huge Facebook addict. It's bad. But I most weekly pictures and I'll tell you whenever I post a new blog. It's great way to communicate as well.

Click HERE for my Twitter page. Go ahead and tweet me! If you follow me on twitter I'm very chatty and they become random when I'm drunk. :P 

Click HERE for my blog. Although if you are reading this you know where to find it! haha.

Click HERE for my youtube page and videos. Honestly I havent done a video in a long time. My camera broke over the summer in Brazil and the one installed on my macbaby sucks royally. :( 

You can also shoot me an email anytime about anything at

I finally reached over 1,000 fans on Facebook and I told everyone on Facebook I would have a giveaway! I will soon! Right now I'm waiting for some things I ordered to arrive and will let you know next week about the giveaway and how to enter. Are you excited for free makeup?!?!!

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