Saturday, February 12, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 3

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 3. The task is to show a picture of your favorite TV show. I'm torn between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed. My 2 ultimate obsessions. I mean I grew up on Buffy. I started watching Buffy when I was 13 and was hooked. I was a huge B/A shipper! And very happy when Willow and Tara got together. They aren't enough lesbians on TV, let alone having relationships. 

Brings me to Charmed. I think I got thru high school because I had my own creative outlet thru Charmed. Yeah, I made my own book. Huge, book. Charmed made me realize I wanted to live in a Victorian house and live in San Fransisco. I cut my hair every time Alyssa Milano cut hers, and dyed it when Rose McGowan did. Blond, red, orange, black...ect. For real. Not to mention the tattoo I've been planning on getting is the triquetra. Not to mention I'm totally in love with Rose McGowan. Oh, yeaaaah. haha.

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